Video marketing is a powerful tool to close sales and create impact; but timing is everything. UpMedia’s Founder, Anthony Madani explains how the proper length and placement of corporate videos boosts sales.

VANCOUVER, BC, October 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Video marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Done well, marketing videos create a powerful connection with customers, directly impacting a company’s sales. But not all videos are created equally. Vancouver’s Anthony Madani, UpMedia’s Founder, explains what works, and what doesn’t. According to Madani, it’s all in the timing and placement.

“Timing is vitally important when creating video for your sales funnel,” says Anthony Madani, Founder of Vancouver’s UpMedia production company. “Videos that are too short won’t foster an emotional connection with potential customers; and people won’t watch videos that are too long.”

Madani explains that prospective customers go through three stages when assessing a company. He calls these stages the introduction, the warmup, and the closing. Each of these stages provide opportunities to captivate prospects with the right amount of information.

“Get the timing and content right at each stage, and you’ll have more customers than you’ll know what to do with!” adds Madani.

Stage 1: The Introduction
People watching a video at the introduction stage don’t know or trust the business yet. The average person is scanning a video with haste at this point. Keep videos short and sweet here. The intention is to pique curiosity, which is best achieved with highly original messaging.

Introductory promotional videos perform best when they are between 45-60 seconds in length.

People who yet don’t know a business will accept a video that’s less than a minute long. Psychologically, it feels like a low commitment. But anything over a minute is dangerous ground!

Stage 2: The Warmup
Once a business has caught a customer’s attention and piqued their curiosity, they will give the company another few minutes of their precious time and attention to learn more. Madani recommends that at the warm up stage, you should spend less time focusing on “attention grabbing” material, and shift into more educational content.

Some of the best videos at this stage include: Vlogs, Webinars, and Interviews.

Warm up videos perform best when they are 4-8 minutes in length.

Important: Still try to err on the side of shorter videos. Just because someone wants to learn more about a business’s offerings, it doesn’t mean their time isn’t precious. Get to the point and make your video impactful.

Stage 3: The Closing

In this stage people are ready to buy which means trust has been established. People at this stage are excited about a business’s offerings and if they are still on the fence, they usually only have one objection (often time or money).

At the closing stage a video should ramp up in pace, create urgency, and get people off the fence!

Client testimonial videos, or short personal video messages are great tools for this stage. All content should now be focused on handling objections – and that shouldn’t take long to do. So, keep these videos short and potent! 1-3 minutes max here.


The whole process of using video to create impact and close sales is like an ocean current.

Businesses that time their videos right see a massive acceleration in sales thanks to their videos.

“Many business owners don’t know how long their videos should be to get more sales. Videos are a costly investment in your business, and by timing them strategically, they can lead to a huge growth in sales,” says Madani.

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