NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — College dropout out turned Designer & Digital Strategist for Fortune 500s, as well as a design educator, Brandon Groce, was doubted by everyone since he was young. Years later, Brandon has now proved everyone wrong, having worked with the largest and coolest brands in the world today, including: Adobe, Disney, Hilton, LG, Salesforce, CES and Dannon, just to name a few, helping them build their brand and increase their online sales.

Today, Brandon offers 1-on-1 and group coaching for creatives and individuals who want to build/grow a brand online and gain the attention their craft deserves. His coaching services are between 6-8 week boot camps focused on how to build a brand via Instagram, monetize your brand, and gain clients. In addition, Brandon also runs a podcast ‘Design Huddle’ with his Co-host Ryan Warrender, the Global Product Partnerships at Google and Instagram TV video series for designers who want to learn how to build their brand online, sell more, and progress in their career. Lastly, he also sells a course that helps creative entrepreneurs stand out amongst their competition, build their brand online, & increase their sales.

Brandon started his business because of his passion to teach and give back. While growing up, Brandon had a tough time learning and being pushed through America’s school system.

“I always felt stupid and judged. I hated that feeling… and I want to make sure no one else has to feel that… So, I teach. I teach the way I wish my teachers taught me. And now I help mentor and educate my audience of over 73K+ Designers on Instagram. I give tools and knowledge to those who really want to gain a competitive advantage in their design career,” he shares.

He was inspired to get into the design industry because of his obsession with solving large and complex problems for businesses and their customers. He loves to learn, build things, and teach. As Brandon began to become more proficient in his craft, he wanted to bring everything that he had learned and continue to learn, to those on the same trajectory as him. He wanted to create a community online that supported each other in their endeavors.

“That’s when I started creating my online community on instagram sharing tutorials and videos on what a good design consists of and how to become a better designer,” he says.

For Brandon, Mindset is EVERYTHING.

“The body will only do what the mind tells it. Being mentally strong is important to build strong habits that keep you pushing forward when things get tough or don’t go to plan. Mental toughness is required to push forward regardless of what is happening, good or bad, and have the energy to show up everyday to make things happen and bring value to those who are inspired and learn from what I do,” he emphasizes.

Building a brand takes time. According to Brandon, building habits, an environment, and schedule that keeps you happy, healthy, and full of energy to chase your dreams is the key.

“Success and perseverance starts with the mind. It isn’t about hustling day and night and bragging to people about how little sleep you get. Put a system in place that allows you to move closer and closer to your goal each day as much as it allows you to rest sufficiently in order to progress overtime,” he advises.

Brandon differentiates himself by trying to make what he teaches more approachable and less confusing to those who want to approach or get started in the field.

“I make learning design less complicated, and teach the aspects that will actually get you hired based on what management and design team care about in their candidates. Many design educators today try to make design VERY complicated and try to close the “design world” off to only what some call design elitists,” he says.

One of his missions in life is to make design education accessible for all. This goes back to how he felt when he was younger, and struggled in school.

“I always ask myself, how can I break this concept down to its most essential and basic parts so I can easily translate this to someone whose new to the industry or who may have never come across this type of material before,” says Brandon.

As an example to all, Brandon Groce has used his struggles, and turned it into a way to help others. Knowing what it feels like to be made fun of for not understanding something, he Brandon is striving to make sure that no one else has to feel that way, by making learning more accessible to everyone.

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