Customer Wins, Record Sales Highlight Dramatic Expansion for Category Leader

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — CIENCE, considered a pioneer in the Outsourced B2B Lead Generation space, just capped the biggest quarter in company history. In the first quarter of 2019, CIENCE achieved 214% growth in revenue, year-over-year, fueled by an ever-growing demand for lead generation services.

But that isn’t the whole story — the story is CIENCE’s People-as-a-Service model — a specialty trained sales research and sales development workforce squarely focused on targeted new business acquisition for clients in more than 129 industries. Headcount at the company jumped by 150 people, bringing the CIENCE workforce over 400 across its worldwide offices.

In CIENCE’s 1st quarter, we saw new customer acquisition from primary channels of Outbound, Inbound, and Customer Expansion. The CIENCE Sales Development Rep Team package saw its largest quarter to date, signing on its greatest number of new companies.

With Lead Generation as the #1 issue facing B2B sales teams today, CIENCE has delivered on the promise of hyper-targeted, multi-channel outreach to engage new customers. Recent studies show targeted outreach as one of the most cost-effective, highest ROI go-to-market activities for companies of all sizes. This is consistent with CIENCE’s own results, where the company sports greater than a 7:1 Customer Acquisition Cost to Lifetime Value (CAC:LTV) ratio.

John Girard, CEO/Co-Founder of CIENCE admits, “We’ve been able to effectively change the game for our clients to connect with new customers. Our process reliably leads to more sales conversations and most importantly, more revenue.”

Capping the most impressive quarter in our brief history is the result of two trends happening. First, businesses are getting very smart by focusing on their product/service, and partnering with companies who accelerate their speed to market. And, second, having worked across 125+ industries, we’re getting very dialed in on solving complex sales problems for companies. We are truly blessed by customer support and eager to innovate for great growth.

CIENCE launched June 2, 2015. After 3,5 years, we’ve grown to 400+ employees serving clients who need to grow. Our business has expanded to feature sales role specializations that serve to scale or augment most sales teams. We tackle hard problems with prospecting, lead qualification, gathering account and contact data, lead response time, proper sales enablement and forecasting.

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