Acuity Trading, a global provider of AI data-driven trading tools, is partnering with CR Hope Foundation to help fight against poverty for children and youths in Tanzania.

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The company’s financial contributions will be matched by a commitment by Acuity’s team to help the charity reach its fundraising target before the Government cut-off date.

CR Hope Foundation, founded in 2016, is trying to raise $85,000 before the end of 2019 to obtain its licence in time to construct a new primary school in 2020. Failure to reach this target will delay the project by a further 12 months due to the annual licence restriction in place by the Zanzibari Government.

“News is the beating heart of Acuity’s business and whilst our focus is on analysing financial news for the investment community, it is hard to ignore the recurring headlines about poverty and particularly child poverty across the world,” said Andrew Lane, CEO of Acuity Trading. “When we learned that one of our closest industry associates had set up CR Hope Foundation, we felt compelled to get behind the initiative.”

The CR Hope Foundation was created by Renos Fountoulakis and local Zanzibari, Casiano Ismaili Mbise, who himself had been the beneficiary of a charitable gift of education by an American tourist. It was because of this gift that Casiano was able to learn English and greatly change the direction of his life.

“Although still relatively young as an organisation, Acuity’s partnership with CR Hope Foundation is the start of a CSR initiative which we hope to extend in the months and years ahead as the company grows,” said Nikki Carpenter, COO of Acuity Trading. “Acuity will be rolling out a number of marketing initiatives throughout 2019 to promote the CR Hope Foundation amongst industry peers to give the project the support it needs to become a reality for the community of Zanzibar.”

“CR Hope Foundation is delighted to have the support of Acuity Trading, both through their charitable donations and their awareness activities, as we strive to reach our goal,” said Renos Fountoulakis. “Being able to realise phase one of our project in 2020 would be a great milestone and the first step in delivering a lifetime of education to the children of Zanzibar.”

About CR Hope Foundation

The CR Hope Foundation is a charity, not-for-profit organization launched in 2016 and registered in Zanzibar. The foundation’s objective is to provide education, promote sports, and fight against poverty for children and youths in Tanzania. The charity’s team is formed of 30 committed members and volunteers. They come from all over the world, yet they share a common desire to make the world a better place through the provision of quality education.

Founder Renos Fountoulakis visited the island and was moved by the struggles he witnessed that the local people were facing every day. Many children have no access to schools and have barely enough money to live. He wanted to help. However, it was not until a chance encounter with Casiano Ismaili Mbise, a local philanthropist, that the idea for CR Hope really began to take shape.

After talking with Renos about their shared interests in education, Casiano offered to use a small piece of land that he owned to build a school in Kizimkazi, Mkunguni where local children could learn for free. Now the charity is in the process of building the school and receiving the relevant licenses to be operational by 2020. For more information visit ​

About Acuity Trading

Acuity Trading is a financial technology company, extracting and analysing rich sentiment data from global news sources to provide the investment community with an alternative and unique view of the markets, delivered via powerful visualisations.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in London, Acuity Trading uses sophisticated Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology to analyse millions of news items on a daily basis and quantify the mood of the market towards any given tradable instrument including global themes affecting the market.

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