A 50 Year veteran of artistic and creative photography has created his most powerful work yet in a series of photographic monographs to share his own personal experiences and battle with depression.

SHERMAN OAKS, CA, May 09, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Harry has been a photographer for over half a decade and “Depression” has been a very special and personal project for him. Many people are touched by it and he has decided that it would be his first venture into the world of self-publishing.

Harry has suffered from depression, on and off for all of his adult life. He’s tried multiple anti-depressants as well as various other types of therapy, suffered numerous defeats in his life and depression still haunts him every day. This book is not meant to offer cures or explanations; rather it offers a visual interpretation of how depression feels, along with quotes that offer various people’s insights into, and feelings about, the disease. It’s the author’s belief, that this can serve some important purposes. The depressed person can see that he or she is not alone in suffering. Those who don’t have depression can get a small glimpse into what it is like for people who do. For therapists and patients, an individual’s reactions to the quotes and images in the book may help them discuss where they are in their journey. The casual observer may not enjoy the images, many are dark and hard hitting… some find them too powerful or too close to home. This book is not for everyone. To some, depression is so outside their thinking that they would rather not be exposed to this uncomfortable subject at all.

Here are some of the early reviews of the book from readers,

“The first time I saw this book, I was instantly drawn in by the astounding images that represent so poignantly what I have heard many people with depression struggle to describe. I immediately begged for a copy. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.”

“Mr. Spitz draws us into his images to see this difficult illness that is so often misunderstood and obscured from our view. He shows us depression in a way that only someone who has lived with it and who is an exceptionally talented artist, can do.” – Anne Konigsberg, LCSW

Harry Spitz photographs have appeared in magazines all over the world. He had his first gallery showing as one of three photographers at the opening exhibition of one of the first photography galleries in Los Angeles, Photosphere in 1970. He has since shown at several other galleries as well as created beautiful books of his work. Harry has a unique style and view of the world and has very eclectic tastes and the wide variety of subjects that interest him are reflected in his photographs. He has shown his work at Art Fairs throughout the Western United States.

To find out more about Harry’s new book, “Depression, A Photographic Exploration” and to find out more about the author and his works, click here

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