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TUSTIN, CA, May 31, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Maryl Petreccia is a life transitions mentor, joy counselor and coach and now an international, #1 best-selling author. In her new book, GPS to Joy: Navigate Life’s Turbulence and Toughest Transitions to Find Your New Direction, Maryl takes you through her journey of the most heart-wrenching times of her life. You will identify with her as she shares her stories of a messy divorce, the death of her husband and father, and losing her mother to dementia. She goes on to detail the emotional jolt and transition of her daughter leaving home for college as she became an empty nester and what it was like to feel like she was losing her mind, body, and vitality through and after menopause.

Maryl takes you by the hand and introduces the 5-Step Joy Activation Process to get beyond life’s toughest challenges in a healthy way and find joy in your new direction. As you learn and follow along, you will get to the core of what your soul wants and needs in this life.

In a recent interview with Steve Kidd, the host of Thriving Entrepreneur radio show, Maryl said, “Joy has contrast. Happiness is happiness, but joy actually embodies something that touches us so deeply and makes us feel alive. You can also have the experience of sadness and even despair because joy has two sides to it. For me, every day is about choosing joy to move my life forward.” Maryl shares some of her best joy tips in this interview. Hear it now on Thriving Entrepreneur radio show.

Steve Kidd encourages everyone to get her book, GPS to Joy: Navigate Life’s Turbulence and Toughest Transitions to Find Your New Direction on Amazon today and get on the road to a life that means more and feels better.

Nine losses in four years.

The loss that impacted her the most was the death of her husband from brain cancer in 2014.

Maryl promised him that she would find a way to carry on and find joy again but had no idea how. She was stunned and stuck. She had been a caregiver to her husband and parents for so long that she was blinded to anything beyond that. When she could lift her head up again, she began to take her life, one choice and one step at a time. To deal with all of it, she turned inward toward spirituality and focused on personal growth so she could fight her way back to happiness, purpose, and a life that had joy again.

Maryl Petreccia knows the deep losses and life transitions that can bring us to our knees. She navigated divorce, being a caregiver to aging parents, and found herself at loose ends with an empty nest, and profound grief with each change. Maryl is now a Joy Expert (#joyexpert) who mentors women dealing with life transitions to move forward in a new direction with renewed strength and resilience. As a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years and a woman who has experienced her fair share of turmoil, she found herself uniquely qualified to design (and present in her book) the 5-Step Joy Activation Process which powerfully guides people to bring joy and fulfillment back, one challenge and one choice at a time.

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