Madelyn Blair is the author of several popular management-focused books, including “Riding the Current” and “Essays in Two Voices.” She is a renowned speaker and resiliency expert.

JEFFERSON, MD, October 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Madelyn Blair Ph.D., esteemed speaker and author, is releasing her new book this week, Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected. In this compelling work Dr. Blair aims to assist you, the reader, in dealing with unexpected events. Specifically, she wants you to discover your own power in these situations; the power to determine your own responses to unanticipated events. Is work completely overwhelming you? Is parenthood taking its toll on you? Do you have relationship troubles? Maybe you are dealing with something even more serious, like illness or death. Well, take a deep breath and remember: There is an answer!

Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected begins with enhancing the ability to embrace the unexpected and make the most of it. A series of practices introduced by Dr. Blair will help find the sometimes elusive answers you seek. Through a very straightforward, deceptively simple chapter-by-chapter process you will be able to clearly see the background of the area being discussed. You will also be able to learn and appreciate the specific practice that is being introduced and why. If you think this unique learning experience sounds too rigid or clinical, think again; this book has heart and lots of it! You will be able to read stories from real individuals who have practiced what is presented in the book. Plus, the relatable, almost conversational style of Dr. Madelyn Blair is on full display this time around. In fact, her singular literary voice has been honed to perfection, and this is more evident here than perhaps any previous publication of hers. Given Dr. Blair’s acclaimed body of work, this is saying a lot.

When it comes to embracing the unexpected, there is always a choice, which can be made by drawing the details of the vision you see for yourself. As Dr. Blair states pointedly in her new book, “Vision is what empowers us to keep going.” Good decisions should be made with confidence and conviction, which are all rooted in your own personal vision. But how can this be realized? How can it be unlocked?

As you progress through the lesson presented in this indispensable text, you will harness all of the wonderful things you already have in your life, which will allow you to define yourself and your place in ways you could never do before. Many of these wonderful elements of your life are people; loved ones, friends, family, colleagues. But the looming question remains: Are all of these people conducive to the success of your journey? Determining this can be difficult, but imperative. Quite simply, Dr. Blair will explain to you who helps your journey and who hinders it.

Dr. Blair focuses greatly on seeking, selection and celebration. This triad of forces is essential in the discovery, interaction and ultimate success in the discipline of embracing the unexpected. The practices you will learn in this book will surely prove useful in building the traits of those who meet the unexpected with energy, making the most of the opportunities possible. This is something that is learned and earned.

“All of us have memories of being confronted with the unexpected, of those moments when it seems the sky is falling, when every fiber is being tested and we must decide how or even if, we will move on,” writes Dr. Blair, “In this book, I will help you discover that you have the power to determine your own responses to those unanticipated events, and I will give you examples and recommend practices that will help you develop the skills and insights to embrace the unexpected and Unlock new pathways to personal growth.”

In July, 2019 Dr. Madelyn Blair was the subject of a very special advertising event. This was an exclusive, ten-billboard campaign at the Thomson Reuters location in Times Square, New York City. A regular lecturer at Columbia University, Dr. Blair is no stranger to New York City. With preferential ad placement, she used this unique marketing opportunity to promote Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected several months in advance of its October release. A second, updated Unlocked advertisement will be debuting at the esteemed, iconic Nasdaq MarketSite Times Square location in December, 2019. Prior to this, on November 18, Madelyn Blair is scheduled to appear on The Donna Drake Show.

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