The Oakville Academy for the Arts is a company specialized in Performing Arts Instruction & Education, servicing the Oakville region.

The Oakville Academy for the Arts wins this year its 7th Consumer Choice Award.

OAKVILLE, ON, May 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Q: What does being a consumer choice award winner mean to you? How did winning the Consumer Choice Award impact your business?

A: It means so much to be recognized by our community for our outstanding service and programming. We are so proud of what we do, and we love our clients!

Q: What makes your business unique in the market?

A: Our Students are taught by university educated, professional and passionate Instructors. Our goal is to help each child achieve their personal best and develop a love for the arts.

Q: What is the most recent example of how you have exceeded your client’s expectations on a job?

A: In March 2019 we were awarded the Morris Mercanti Service Award by Oakville Chamber of Commerce. We are thrilled to have been nominated by our clients for our outstanding service.

Q: What is the next priority for your business?

A: Our next priority for OAA is the launching of our new After School Program (September 2019). We will provide a fun, educational, healthy, and artistically stimulating alternative environment for children in our community after school.

Q: What is ONE characteristic that you believe helped you through your career?

A: I believe as an entrepreneur; determination has been critical in sustaining my career. It takes a lot of energy, drive, and persistence to keep a business afloat, and growing while keeping our customers happy.

Q: What are the “core values” of your organization?

A: OAA’s core values include integrity, and upholding our commitment to our Students, ensuring they receive our best each and every day. Children are our future and it is important to support their creative journey.

Q: Where do the great ideas come from in your organization? (Team decisions, management decision etc.)

A: Great ideas are born of great collaboration, and listening to Students and Families, Faculty, Staff, and community needs. At OAA we tend to have both formal and informal team meetings, where everyone shares their thoughts.

Q: Does your company use social media? If so, how had it changed your business/organization?

A: Social media has allowed us to reach our clients and potential clients on a much more visual and emotional way through the use of videos. Our marketing has become alive vs. frozen on a page.


Are you or your company involved in your community (charity, fundraising, etc.)… Yes, we donate to numerous organizations, participate in events, and help out where we can.

If you could see any artist dead or alive performing, who would it be?… Frank Sinatra.

What was the best compliment you’ve received?… My daughter told me that I was her “person”.

What gets you out of bed every day?… My family.

What is your favourite quote?… You miss 100% of the shots, you don’t take!


Heidi Schofield | Director & Owner at The Oakville Academy for the Arts

E-mail: [email protected]

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