Got new iPhone? Thinking which apps to install? Sit back and relax here is a list of some apps that are fun to use, informative and quick to use. These are some useful apps apart from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, whats app, etc.

Cortana is personal digital assistant developed by Microsoft available on Windows phones and PCs and now it’s available on iPhone. This is a competitor of Siri which allows you to ask questions about several topics and then it finds the answer from web additionally it also sets location and time reminders, best mobile number tracker with google map, flights, scores, stocks and other important information.

• Time Out:
This app lets you discover the best things to do in your city and travel the world, it’s like your trip planner and travel guide for local and worldwide use. It helps to find places to eat, drink, great restaurants, and things to do on a weekend.

The LinkedIn app is a professional app that allows you to connect to the people easily and things that matter in your professional world. It helps to build and develop the professional network, gives business and professional news and also helps in finding dream jobs. You can post your resume on your profile. It lets you search people, companies, and groups and helps to connect them. You can also share articles using this app.

This app helps you to know the quality of the air that you are breathing. It also gives alerts on the air quality of your upcoming journey. It provides physical awards on a selection of clean travel.

Boomerang from Instagram:
Boomerang is funny video app from Instagram. This app makes your moments happy and unexpected. It takes photos in quick sequence of each other and the plays them back as a short video.

This is one of the cool and sweet app ever. It is the unique app that helps you in selecting your trip. You just need to feed your budget and LuckyTrip will display you where you can go, how you can go (through a bus, train or flight), where to stay. This app searches Skyscanner for flights and has the built-in database of other destinations. When it matches place with your budget it will tell you where to go.

Money Dashboard:
Money Dashboard is budgeting app that allows placing all of your accounts in single place. You have to enter all your bank login details and it will update your transactions daily and display your details. This application is read-only, so no payments, withdrawals or transfers can ever be made from any of your accounts.