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January 23, 2018

Great Discounted Trench Boxes

Trench boxes are basically structures made of steel or aluminum that protect the utility employees while doing their job in a trench. Each box consists side walls of differentiating thicknesses, and are held apart by steel or aluminum spreaders which can be interchanged if the need arises to match the width of the trench. Trench boxes focus on safety of the employees working in the trenches.

Sometimes a steel trench box maybe required, while sometimes an aluminum trench box is necessary. Hence, we provide both of these. Understanding the type of trench box you require is critical to shore up. Finance options are also available after you finalize which of the two you require. Delivery options are also available easily.

Kundel-LogoAs for Kundel lightweight aluminum trench boxes, we have a complete line dedicated to them for sale. Using the right size of aluminum trench box is important, so is using a dependable shoring system. The shoring mechanism that we offer, Trenchshore Hydraulic Aluminum Shoring is one of the bes that’s available out there in the market. The standard variety of sizes stackable range from 2’ to 12’ tall kits. The aluminum trench shield vary in length up to 12’ long.

Some of the models of boxes are ShoreLite, Tuffguy, V-Panel, and ShoreLite Lite. They either have fixed width or come with adjusters and the trench box spreaders. The adjusters range from 18’ to 20’. There are also modular boxes of which we have four lightweight aluminum trench boxes for your selection. The Kundel ShoreLite Lite is the lightest of all the trench boxes which come in 3’ panels stackable up to 9’ tall.

Kundel Basic Trench Box

Kundel Basic Trench Box

Kundel Aluminum ShoreLite

Kundel Aluminum ShoreLite

Our range of TuffGuy boxes offer panels like ShoreLite, but the steel end members can deliver higher protection inside the trench.

The Kundel V-Panel is the trench box you need to use while working around crossing utilities. The panels are 1’ wide, and is adjustable both independently as well as vertically.


We stock a wide variety of trench boxes for sale including modular boxes, however being innovative producer and distributor for lightweight aluminum trench boxes is what we always strive to achieve. Our number one priority is safety for you and your employees, including your job site.

Kundel V-Panel

Kundel V-Panel

We offer one stop solutions to everything you ever need including our multiple warehouses and we also provide shipping services throughout the United States and Canada.

Call now, and allow our experts to guide you through selections or check out all them here.

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