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September 24, 2017


The first global platform dedicated to free zone investment has launched its website

[PRESSWIRE]  Dubai, UAE – 22.12.16 — Free Zone Watch, a dynamic web platform bringing together global investors, free zones, free zone-based companies, investment agencies, and business groups around the globe, has launched its website, www.freezonewatch.com, on 21 December, 2016. Free Zone Watch is dedicated to attracting sustainable investment to free zones – that is, free

Donor-Advised Funds closing in on £1 billion for charities: grants to charities reach historic levels National Philanthropic Trust UK Report

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 12 December, 2016 — Today the National Philanthropic Trust UK (NPT-UK) published UK’s first ever donor-advised fund (DAF – charitable savings account) report. It shows charitable assets held in these accounts is reaching £1 billion in the UK – the highest ever. Contributions to donor-advised fund accounts in 2015 was an

Anton Kreil to Step Down from Trader Vacation Mentoring Programmes in February 2017

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 21.11.16 — Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, Anton Kreil, is to step down from delivering Vacation Mentoring Programmes to Retail Traders in February 2017 in order to concentrate more time and effort on the day-to-day management of global operations at the Institute. Vacation Mentoring Programmes

Great Discounted Trench Boxes

Trench boxes are basically structures made of steel or aluminum that protect the utility employees while doing their job in a trench. Each box consists side walls of differentiating thicknesses, and are held apart by steel or aluminum spreaders which can be interchanged if the need arises to match the width of the trench. Trench


Get IFSC CODE Of BANK OF AMERICA The IFSC is a very significant code, as it is the code which determines if funds reach a particular branch or not. Search IFSC Code of BANK OF AMERICA. For example, if you wish to exchange cash to your friend who is in Mumbai, you should get her account

Grexit : New Bailout Packet approved

Negotiations in Brussels have resulted in a new bailout deal for Greece. Although tough negotiations still lie ahead for the financial crisis to actually end. After sixteen hours of tough talks, EU President Donald Tusk tweeted that a unanimous agreement on a programme which included serious reforms and financial support between the leaders of the

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